Inspiration & Echoes

We chose to build our Studio on Fogo Island because you could walk this island several lifetimes and never stop marvelling at its elemental beauty, and the people, well they are as hospitable as the weather is inhospitable.  Once you visit you’ll see why it was an easy choice.

It was important to us that our tableware be inspired by and be reflective of this special place.  We took our time.  We walked around the island and we walked through the seven seasons.  We shared mugs of tea and mugs of coffee and ate crab and boiled cod and Jiggs supper and partridgeberry-molasses tarts.  And then we carefully developed pleasing shapes, with pleasing lines, and pleasing weights, and added subtle touches that ensure the hand of the maker will always be in the dish.  We chose to develop a line in stoneware for everyday that can also be used for special occasions, and another line in porcelain which of course can be used everyday.  We developed our own glazes, a glaze for each of the seven seasons, and delicate glazes that are each a study of water in one of its many forms.  

We realize now that what we are making with every dish is an echo of this place that can travel across water and time into your home, for you to draw inspiration from each time you use it.   Pottery in our everyday life teaches us to slow down and consider that which we use and consume. 

We work several ways.  Our version of a quick-ship program is that we have bisque-ware ready to be glazed with your chosen glaze, fired and shipped to you.  Delivery is typically within two to three weeks depending on your location and shipping option. 

We can also produce your order from start to finish, with customization you may desire, in which case the lead time will vary. 

We are also happy to discuss private commission work where we will work with you to achieve your design intent.  Our work has been commissioned for several private collections and commercial clients.

Want the gift of Fogo Clay Studio tableware for your wedding or other Registry occasion?  We offer a Registry service.

Our Tablewares and Registry service will be available for sale in July 2020.