Our Story

   Our story is the story of two friends, one a potter and one a chef, each of whom longed to practice her craft in a place where nature and culture were abundant. That place for us was Fogo Island.  Here the air is pure, there is rock below your feet, stars above your head, the wind is a constant companion, and the footpaths all lead to long views over the North Atlantic. There are seven seasons, one of which is for fish, and another for berries, although there is plenty more bounty besides. The people are friendly and easy to listen to, they are such natural-born storytellers. Here you can be at the edge of yourself, and not fall off. Everything you might normally hold in reserve comes to the surface and creativity builds resilience.

We did ask ourselves why do this.  We asked it enough times we eventually got to the innermost kernel of why, and the answer was to bring fire to life. To nourish people and their creativity and connect them to each other. To create functional ceramics which encourage slowing down and considering the everyday things we use and consume. To embody in clay observations and investigations into our internal and external worlds.   To create a tradition of ceramics alive with the dialogue between what is art and what is craft. 

Our Potter

Sarah Fulford is the potter. She has over 30 years of experience. Her mother was a sculptor so clay was around her from a very young age. At 17 she studied to be a production potter in France, and later she apprenticed for a year with a Master Potter in Korea. She has degrees in Ceramics Engineering and Industrial Design. She has taught at the Royal College of Art (UK), and has worked around the world as a design consultant. She has operated several pottery studios.

Our Innkeeper

Tracey Clark is the Innkeeper-cum-chef. She has over 30 years of experience  in hospitality mostly as a social entrepreneur leading Bridgehead Coffee, but also working under an Italian chef for several years, travelling any chance she could get to places where you can walk for days with everything you need on your back. She’s self-taught, curious and energetic and enjoys the creative process in all its forms. She's also crazy for foraging.