Anne Chambers July 2020

A unique four night-three day experience from Thursday through Monday with instructor Anne Chambers. Spend five hours each day with Anne in the studio, learning skills and working on your personal projects.  In your free time either spend more time in the studio (you have 24 hour access while you're here), or enjoy discovering the Island. Your workshop includes your room and meals prepared by our in-house chef. All of our rooms are double occupancy. You can choose to bring along a second person who either does a workshop also, or just shares in meals and spends their days exploring the Island or relaxing in Walbourne House. 

The maximum number of participants in each workshop is limited to eight.  

Anne Chambers is a studio potter living near Perth, ON with over 30 years of pottery experience. Anne taught ceramics for the city of Ottawa and from her studio for many years, she has presented workshops in Ontario and Quebec. In 2008 she was an invited presenter for the Eastern Ontario conference ‘Fall Fire”. She has traveled to the US, South Korea and recently China to study with ceramic Masters in their studios.

In 2008 Anne was presented with the Craft Ontario's prestigious lifetime achievement ‘John Mather Award’. In March 2011, she was the recipient of the MERA Award for Excellence in Fine Art and Fine Craft.

She has participated in national and international juried exhibitions including the invitational exhibition held at the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art: On the Table: 100 Years of Functional Ceramics. Her work has been published in the US ceramic magazine ‘Clay Times’ as well as ‘FUSION Magazine’.