The Story

Fogo Clay Studio opened its doors to the public in July of 2021. The studio is both a teaching and production space. It is yet another addition to the islands wealth of art and craft resources.

   The Potter

Sarah Fulford is the potter. She has over 30 years of experience. Her mother was a sculptor so clay was around her from a very young age. At 17 she studied to be a production potter in France, and later she apprenticed with a Master Potter in Korea. She has degrees in Ceramics Engineering and Industrial Design. She has taught at the Royal College of Art (UK), and has worked around the world as a design consultant.  She has operated several pottery studios and is still currently owner of LOAM Clay Studio in Ottawa.

Fogo Clay Studio was the collaboration of two friends, Tracey Clark and Sarah Fulford. Because of unanticipated delays in opening due to the global pandemic Tracey and Sarah decided that the business could sustain only one partner. Both agreed that the potter was the logical partner to stay. 

The addition of a pottery studio on Fogo Island was Tracey's idea. Although Tracey has moved on now, she worked very hard planning the business and managing the construction of the buildings. Fogo Clay Studio would not have existed without her contribution.