Private Classes

Private Classes

Regular price $165.00

Private classes are a good option for visitors to the island looking for a creative inside activity during their visit, or for potters wishing to refine a technique or gain a new skill.  We can accommodate individuals, or groups of various sizes up to eight persons.

You can schedule a private class at a time that is convenient to you. These classes can be customized to your own needs.
In one or two hours you could try the potter's wheel or a handbuilding project.  You would not have time to complete the entire process so we would do the finishing touches for you if you want to keep what you make. This would include trimming, glazing in your choice of glaze and firing.
There would be a shipping and handling fee if you need your pieces shipped.
Call us to schedule a class.   +1 709 266 2522

1 person = 1 hour $165, 2 hours $300
2 people  = 1 hour $275, 2 hours $500
3 people = 1 hour $330, 2 hours $600
4 people = 1 hour $370, 2 hours $700

each additional person after 4 people = 1 hour $70, 2 hours $100

Maximum of 8 people