Walbourne Workshops

Walbourne Workshops

Our four night- three day bed and board workshops are a unique experience, whether you are a beginner looking to immerse yourself in a new world, an intermediate potter seeking a focused time for skill development with a built-in mentor, or an advanced potter who has long hoped to work on a personal project in a welcoming studio at the edge of the world.

Our four night- three day workshops run from Thursdays to Monday. Arrive Thursday in the late afternoon or early evening and be welcomed to your room at Walbourne House, our private residence next to the Studio. Meet your instructor and other workshop participants over a lovely supper overlooking Fogo Harbour. Friday through Sunday you are in Studio. There are four to five hours of instruction each day beginning at 9 or 9:30 am and punctuated by dinner (Newfoundland for ‘Lunch’). In the afternoons, choose to spend more time in the studio, or go for a hike or excursion, it’s up to you. The studio will be open to you 24 hours a day during your stay. Suppers are first-rate, made from scratch and with love by our in-house chef, featuring local and seasonal fare, often foraged, and (good) wine is included. There are sometimes visitors who drop in to join us. One evening we will take supper ‘out’. Depart Monday morning after a solid breakfast, feeling a little sad to leave new friends, and already scheming how to return (that’s what happens here).

Each four night- three day workshop is taught by a Visiting Potter who besides being accomplished, is a talented teacher and all-round good human being.  

The maximum number of participants in each workshop is limited to eight. You are sure to receive lots of individual attention and support, as well as forge meaningful new friendships.

Our Workshops for the 2020 Season