Copy of Tableware

Our tableware is inspired by the elemental beauty of Fogo Island.  Every pot bears the hand of the maker and is an echo of this place that travels to your home to inspire you.  Living with handmade pottery encourages us to slow down and consider that which we use and consume. 

Our tableware collection will be available beginning in July 2021. 

We are establishing two collections, one in stoneware and one in porcelain.  Our stoneware will be available in seven glazes, one for each season on Fogo Island:  Pack Ice, Spring, Trap Berth, Summer, Berry, Fall, Winter.  Our porcelain will be available in three delicate glazes, each a study of water.

We work several ways.  Our version of a quick-ship program is that we have bisqueware ready to be glazed with your chosen glaze, fired and shipped to you.  Delivery is typically within two to three weeks depending on your location and shipping option. 

We can also produce your custom order from start to finish in which case the lead time will vary. 

Our place settings consist of:
Supper plate, Luncheon plate, Large bowl, Small bowl, Mug (or Cup & Saucer)

A wide variety of serving dishes can be purchased separately.

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