Toni Losey


TonI Losey will be hosting the 1 week pottery retreat  dated June 5-11, 2022 

Toni Losey, a Ceramic artist working in Dartmouth, NS. Losey received her BFA focus on Ceramics from NSCAD in 2017. She is an experienced teacher and presenter with independent Ceramics course appointments at NSCAD, workshops throughout Canada, and ongoing instruction though many community programs. Losey, with 20+ years of experience as a studio potter has recently developed an exciting body of sculptural work. Losey’s work is shown internationally and has been included in SOFA Chicago, NCECA, Ceramic Art London, as well as many public and private galleries. She was named one of Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artists 2020, was a finalist for the Winifred Shantz Award 2020, and has been published in Ceramics Monthly and Ceramic Review.